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Clinical Expertise
Constantly evolving disease patterns, subjective disease management, complex clinical trials, an inscrutable FDA, and the apparently irrational manner in which payers decide on reimbursement, is what makes this healthcare industry so challenging for those not deeply steeped in it. Each disease is different; appreciating the idiosyncrasies of each one is central to establishing development priorities, positioning new products, and conducting due diligence.

One hallmark of Health Advances' consulting is our knowledge of many diseases, the products used to treat these diseases, and the various approaches being explored to address the remaining unmet needs. Armed with databases and an incredible network of opinion leaders and industry contacts, our PhD's and MDs build upon a solid foundation of knowledge and informed instincts to make critical judgments on disease management paradigms, technology trends, and clinical events that will occur 10 to 15 years in the future. In an industry where value creation is so closely linked to reducing risk, anticipating the evolution of therapy in a disease state is essential for effective decision-making.
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Facing multiple possible lead indications, we helped our client define a logical development path to minimize risk and optimize value.
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