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As type 2 diabetes reaches epidemic proportions, it has become one of the most active development and commercial areas across the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and device industries. Companies are facing higher hurdles to succeed in the market due to growing competition, heightened awareness of safety risks, and greater scrutiny from FDA on surrogate markers. Developing successful treatments for obesity, a major comorbidity of diabetes, continues to challenge companies. The lack of a foundational therapy like metformin places unrealistic efficacy goals on new products. Finally, innovation in diabetes complication treatments require stronger knowledge of mechanisms and biomarkers.
Case Examples of Our Work in the Diabetes Focus Area

Relationship with Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation: Health Advances has an ongoing relationship with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), working directly with the Board of Directors and research management team to ensure research investments are optimized and the funding portfolio is properly balanced to achieve JDRF's goals. Health Advances initially developed the long-term strategic plan for JDRF's research team in 2006.

DPP-IVs Inhibitors - Brand Strategy: A large pharmaceutical company asked Health Advances to help it understand how a novel DPP-4 inhibitor in Phase II should be positioned in the marketplace, depending on the outcome of the clinical studies that were still in progress. Health Advances developed a 3x3 matrix with nine different product profiles, reflecting different outcomes from the trial program. For each product profile, a positioning statement and key marketing messages were developed in the form of a "message ladder." This tool helped to illustrate how each one of the nine profiles could be positioned in a way that made the product look attractive and its profile clinically relevant.

Insulin - Lifecycle Strategy: Health Advances worked with a large pharmaceutical company to develop a 10-year perspective and portfolio strategy for its diabetes franchise. Health Advances developed a worldwide insulin market model based on data from 28 countries to understand key product share dynamics and to forecast market opportunities. Implications from this analysis were used to prioritize portfolio initiatives and secure funding for key programs.

Insulin Delivery and Continuous Glucose Monitoring - Growth Strategy: Leveraging its strong foundation in delivery systems and glucose monitoring, Health Advances assisted a major pharmaceutical company with an assessment of the influence of insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) on the competitive dynamics of the insulin market. Health Advances quantitatively modeled the financial impact of a number of strategies, including potential partnerships with major insulin pump and CGM companies.

Obesity - Customer Analysis and Market Forecast: A clinical-stage biotechnology company developing a product to minimize a common side effect of many obesity drugs asked Health Advances to provide a comprehensive overview of the current and future obesity market. This analysis provided the foundation for developing the clinical trials, brand positioning, and a potential partnership strategy.

Surgical Approach to Obesity and Diabetes Management - Commercialization Strategy: Health Advances developed the commercialization strategy for a venture-backed company developing a less invasive surgical approach to treat obesity. A key finding shifted the strategy of the company towards the segment of obese patients with type 2 diabetes. The business plan has been used by the company to successfully raise $50MM from top-tier venture capital companies.

Diabetic Neuropathy - Development Strategy: A large biotechnology company developing a novel agent for peripheral neuropathy requested that Health Advances review its brand strategy for the diabetic neuropathy indication. This product was one of the first drugs in development with the potential to modify disease progression. Key focal points were a customer segmentation analysis and an assessment of the rational and emotional arguments that could be supported through pivotal and post-market clinical studies.

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