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07.29.14: Firing Line
Chicago, Illinois

Join the senior leadership of Health Advances’ diagnostics practice at AACC for Our 6th Annual Cocktail Reception and Panel. Come prepared to fire your toughest and most provocative questions at the panel.

For more information and to register for this event please contact Michaela Coyne at diagnostics@healthadvances.com


  • John Schoellerman, J.P. Morgan, , Executive Director, Healthcare Investment Banking 

Health Advances Panelists:

  • Mark Speers, Managing Director
  • Donna Hochberg, Vice President
  • Gary Gustavsen, Vice President
  • Kristen Garner, Associate
  • Kate McLaughlin, Manager


Past News / Events

07.15.14: Health Advances Leads Panel on Successful Partnerships
San Francisco, CA

Health Advances hosts a reception and panel on partnering and alliance management. Titled “Partnering for the Long Haul: Lessons in Alliance Management,” the session will be chaired by Vivek Mittal, Partner and head of the Health Advances San Francisco office. He will be joined by speakers Sujay Kango (Onyx Pharmaceuticals), Sandra Shpilberg (BioMarin Pharmaceuticals), and Curt Herberts (Sangamo Biosciences).

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07.01.14: Paula Ness Speers Appointed to the IMPLANET Board of Directors
Paris, France

IMPLANET, a medical technology company specializing in vertebral and knee-surgery implants, announces the decision of the Board of Directors to nominate Mrs. Paula Ness Speers as a new advisor. Based in the US, and drawing on nearly 30 years of experience in strategy development for global companies, Paula Ness Speers brings a wealth of specific expertise in the healthcare sector.

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06.02.14: ISPOR 2014
Montreal, Canada

Kate Strayer-Benton, Manager, will be attending the International Society for Pharmacoenomics and Outcomes Research Annual Conference in Montreal, Canada this week.  Current healthcare cost pressures are leading payer and hospital customers to increasingly demand compelling cost-effectiveness evidence for our clients’ new technologies to be adopted. To build upon its  extensive experience in cost-effectiveness analyses, Health Advances will be attending ISPOR this year to ensure it stays on the leading edge of new pharmacoeconomic methodologies and outcomes research techniques including the best ways to quantify the value of downstream quality of life.

read our comparative effectiveness brochure.

05.31.14: Health Advances at ISAR Conference
Cambridge. MA

Two members of Health Advances’ Orthopedics/Spine Practice Area -- Brandon Wade and David Narrow – participated in this year’s 3rd annual International Society of Arthroplasty Registers Conference (ISAR) in Cambridge, MA. ISAR is involved in supporting registries to work collaboratively with each other and with industry to improve registry frameworks, data collection and analytics across arthroplasty procedures. Health Advances has a large orthopedics and spine industry commercial strategy consulting practice and engages leaders in the sector in in-depth discussions about their evolving practice patterns, product usage, clinical outcomes, and unmet needs. Specifically as relates to registry data, Health Advances maintains a keen awareness of data availability and robustness across various international orthopedic registries, as well as other data sources pertinent to this industry sector to facilitate detailed and timely analyses of industry trends and opportunities.

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05.28.14: BIO KOREA 2014
Kintex, Korea

Paula Ness Speers, Health Advances co-founder and Managing Director, is one of six key opinion leaders invited to speak at BIO KOREA 2014 on a panel discussing preclinical drug development strategies for global pharma companies. On May 29th, Paula will present two case studies in prioritizing disease targets for platform technologies to optimize commercial potential in oncology and CNS as part of BIO KOREA’s 3rd GPKOL International Symposium 2014. The US healthcare system is one of the most fragmented systems in the world. This translates into a wide range of customers that need to be convinced to purchase and/or use a new biotherapeutic. Cost-conscious customers are now scrutinizing new therapies more diligently than ever before and strong economic benefits can greatly catalyze uptake of new products. Paula will walk through case studies and lessons learned from multinational companies making the decision to invest in early-stage oncology and CNS drug development, with an emphasis on creating value and collecting data for all stakeholders from the earliest stages of development.

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05.01.14: Paula Speers leads Health Evolution Partners 2014 Summit panel “Creative Strategies for Skeptical Customers-Medtech Braving the New World”
Laguna Beach, CA

Paula Ness Speers, Managing Director, led a dynamic panel wrestling with the question of whether medtech innovation can survive, or conceivably flourish, in the new world of severe cost containment. Paula hosted two widely respected CEO’s – Mike Mussallem of Edwards Life Sciences and Alex Lukianov of Nuvasive – with reputations for pioneering medical technologies in cardiac and spine medicine. In addition, the panel included Mark Bussard of Rock Springs Capital, a leading hedge fund, to candidly pressure test the attractiveness of medtech investments in this new world.


  • Paula Ness Speers (Moderator)
  • Michael A. Mussallem- Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Edwards Lifesciences
  • Alexis V. Lukianov- Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Nuvasive, Inc.
  • Mark Bussard- Founding Partner and Managing Director, Rock Springs Capital

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05.01.14: Bruno Nardone Leads Health Evolution Partners 2014 Summit Discussion on Quantifying Health IT’s ROI in a Fee-for-Value World
Laguna Beach, CA

With the rapid shift in the market from Fee-for-Service to Fee-for-Value (FFV) reimbursement models, pressure is increasing on healthcare stakeholders to demonstrate value from health information technology (HIT) investments. No longer can promised ROI in the sales process meet leaders need post implementation to demonstrate accountability to constituents for promised improvements to quality, efficiency, or satisfaction. Bruno Nardone led a discussion forum with industry leaders aimed at validating the market shift to FFV and illuminating critical success factors to organizations developing and offering HIT solutions in the current environment. Two special commentators were featured.  Dr. David Blumenthal President of the Commonwealth Fund and former National Coordinator for HIT (2009 -2011) set the stage by sharing his views on the urgency of rigorous ROI analyses. Stephen Lieber, President and CEO of HIMSS, shared his organization’s priorities to help members prove clinical and financial value creation from HIT initiatives to their constituents. The active discussion allowed participants to explore how best support their own clients’ realization of value from their solutions.


  • Bruno Nardone, M.H.S.A., F.A.C.H.E. (Moderator)
  • David Blumenthal, M.D., M.P.P – President, The Commonwealth Fund H. Stephen Lieber, C.A.E. – President and CEO HIMSS

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04.16.14: Xconomy Forum: What’s Hot in Boston Biotech
Cambridge, MA

It’s no secret that biotech is feeling it once again. Stocks are way up, and startups are seizing the opportunity to sail through a wide-open IPO window. That bull market isn’t just generating big returns for investors, it’s helping fuel the next round of innovation. Ambitious startups are sprouting up, sparked by science that is turning heads. New, nontraditional sources of cash are turning their attention to life sciences, creating unlikely options for fledgling biotechs that simply weren’t imagined a short time ago. But which ideas are generating the most buzz? What’s it going to take for the grandiose visions to become reality? And what does it all mean for drug discovery and health? Join Xconomy as we bring together some of the Boston biotech scene’s top innovators, venture capitalists, and executives, who are at the forefront of some of the biggest new ideas in life sciences.

  • Michael Bonney, CEO, Cubist Pharmaceuticals
  • Douglas Williams, EVP, Research and Development, Biogen Idec
  • John Maraganore, CEO, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
  • David Berry, CEO, Seres Health; Partner, Flagship Ventures
  • Kevin Bitterman, Interim CEO, Editas Medicine; Principal, Polaris Partners
  • Katrine Bosley, Entrepreneur-in-residence, Broad Institute
  • Steven Holtzman, EVP, Corporate Development, Biogen Idec
  • Nancy Simonian, CEO, Syros Pharmaceuticals

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04.04.14: Skip Irving and Sheela Hegde Launch Publication of the Impact 2020 Report at the 2014 MassBio Annual Meeting
Boston, MA

The Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBio), the state industry association for the life sciences industry, today issued Impact 2020, a strategic report on the state of the biotechnology and life sciences cluster in Massachusetts. The extensive report issues a call to action for Massachusetts stakeholders—across industry, academia, healthcare networks, payers and government—to take steps to safeguard the Commonwealth’s definitive, but fragile, leadership position in life sciences and innovation.

MassBio’s strategic reports have been key to strengthening the regional life sciences cluster, which today is recognized as the global leader for life sciences innovation. Developed by consulting firm Health Advances through in-depth interviews of more than 100 thought leaders, Impact 2020 recommends:

  • Driving the conversation on defining value and reward for innovation in the era of outcomes-focused medicine;
  • Seizing a leadership opportunity at the intersection of IT and life sciences;
  • Evolving funding models for early stage companies and innovative ideas;
  •  Improving workforce development to ensure a workforce trained for the jobs of the future and support downstream expansion; and
  •  Highlighting patient stories to showcase the impact of innovation taking place in Massachusetts

view the full report.
view the Boston Globe article on the report.

04.04.14: Conference Wide Panel: Value Cost Effectiveness: Implications of the Changing Landscape in Reimbursement and Regulations
Boston, MA

Value Cost Effectiveness: Implications of the Changing Landscape in Reimbursement & Regulations  (11:00am EST Friday, April 4, 2014)
Demonstrating value is the call to action across all areas of life sciences, especially in terms of regulatory and reimbursement strategies.  How can we leaders best approach the challenges created by the Accountable Care Act? How do the decisions being made affect the future of life sciences innovation and what can today’s business leaders do to adjust their strategic planning when there’s a long lead time?

Payers and providers are facing pressures to contain costs and improve patient outcomes. Industry needs to prepare better and earlier in the process to articulate the value of innovative treatments. This panel will discuss the imperative for industry to be part of the solution in healthcare cost containment.

Moderator: Skip Irving, Partner and Managing Director, Health Advances


  • Chris Coburn, Vice President, Innovation, Partners HealthCare
  • Geoff MacKay,President & CEO, Organogenesis
  • Christina Severin, President & CEO, Beth Israel Deaconess Care Organization

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03.24.14: Skip Irving Joins Non-Profit to For-Profit Panel at the RESI Conference
Boston, MA

Skip Irving, Partner and Managing Director, participates in the Non-Profit to For-Profit panel at the upcoming Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Conference on March 24th  in Boston's iconic State Room.  In the past, non-profit organizations dedicated to research in specific disease areas were typically unable to take advantage of the upside of any significant discoveries that were funded through the organization’s grants.  The panel will focus on the recent emerging trend: non-profit organizations are now creating and being involved with investment in biotech startups in return for an equity stake, rather than simply giving a grant or donation-so when an exit event (such as a licensing deal, acquisition, or IPO) takes place, these new entities receive a piece of the upside and can re-invest their profits into future research. Panel:

  • Eugene Williams, Founder, Virtua (Moderator)
  • Skip Irving, Partner and Managing Director, Health Advances, LLC
  • Dale Botting, COO, Prevent
  • Maya Merrell, Director, Business and Partnership Development, FastForward
  • Steve Perrin (CEO / CSO, ALS TDI)

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03.18.14: Health Advances Announces Health Advances Diagnostics Institute
Boston, MA

Health Advances leads 2-day seminars this spring aimed at helping biopharma managers and executives gain a much deeper understanding of how to effectively leverage diagnostics – both companion and complementary – to optimize the success of therapeutics.  We have scheduled two separate 2-day seminars: in Boston (April 29-30th) and San Francisco (May 5-6th).  Please join us!

learn more about the program and how to register.

03.18.14: Mark Speers Speaks on Healthcare Executive Panel at Dartmouth Alumni Event
Cambridge, MA

Managing Director Mark Speers joins a distinguished healthcare executives panel of Dartmouth alumni at the March 18th  alumni and student career event, the Thayer Career Trek.  Also participating on the panel are Jessica Pray, Program Manager at Genzyme Corporation, and Samantha Truex, Vice President of Business Development for Biogen Idec, a former Health Advances alumna.

learn more about the Thayer School of Engineering.


03.11.14: Health Advances at AAOS 2014
New Orleans, Louisiana

Paula Ness Speers, Managing Director, Kate Strayer-Benton, Manager, Carrie Jones, Manager, and Masha Dumanis, Senior Analyst from Health Advances attended this year’s annual American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), the world’s largest meeting of orthopaedic surgeons and allied health professionals.  In addition to reviewing new product and service offerings across the sector, and senior level discussions focused on evolving solutions for the manufacturers, providers and payers to collaborate for better outcomes at lower costs, the team met with top executives of the industry’s leading companies to assist a client seeking partnering opportunities.  Orthopedics, including spine, O&P and other DME, and orthobiologics, is one of the core practice areas at Health Advances and AAOS is a great opportunity to meet with clients, industry executives, and the key decision makers in this field to continue to develop new insights and innovative strategies.

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02.23.14: Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2014 Conference
Orlando, FL

Paula Ness Speers, Managing Director, Bruno Nardone, Vice President, and Andrew Matzkin, Manager attended this year’s annual HIMSS conference in Orlando, FL. and met with many of its Health IT clients, as well as other companies across the HIT sector to maintain and expand Health Advances’ knowledge base and understanding of the rapidly growing and evolving array of HIT solutions for providers, payers, product companies, and patients. Health Advances  works with its HIT clients to hone and quantify their value propositions and to identify innovative strategies that enable them to achieve leadership positions across the healthcare ecosystem.

Bruno Nardone, Vice President, recently joined Health Advances to lead our growing HIT practice.  Bruno has a long career working in the HIT sector, including as the VP of Connected Health Solutions at Allscripts  Healthcare Solutions, as well as consulting experience at SAIC and IBM, where he lead their Healthcare Transformation and IT consulting efforts.  We are very excited to have him on board and look forward to continuing to expand our HIT practice.

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02.09.14: HBS VCPE Conference Healthcare Investing Panel
Cambridge, MA

Andrew Funderburk moderates a distinguished panel who discuss trends in investments and investors, as well as the impact of macro cost/ reimbursement trends on healthcare investing.

  • Ambar Bhattacharyya, Vice President, Bessemer Venture Partners
  • Marina Bozilenko, Managing Director, Head of Biotech & Pharma, William Blair & Co.
  • Kurt Brumme, Vice President, Parthenon Capital Partners
  • Cristian Jitianu, Vice President, Bain Capital
  • Ethan K. Liebermann, Vice President, TA Associates
  • Thomas G. McKinley, Partner, Cardinal Partners
  • Chris Nugent, Partner, Goodwin Procter

01.01.14: Health Advances Bolsters Leadership Team
Boston, MA

Health Advances, LLC promoted four new Partners. The new Partners, Andrew Funderburk, Sheela Hegde, Susan Posner, and Vivek Mittal – each with Health Advances for over eight years – have established themselves as thought leaders and trusted advisors in the healthcare industry. These new leaders represent a strengthened leadership team to ensure the firm maintains its strong record of growth as it enters its third decade.

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12.10.13: G2 Laboratory and Diagnostic Investment Forum 2013
New York, NY

The trends driving the changing IVD M&A landscape will be the focal point of the 2013 forum.  Soren Peterson, Senior Analyst, will discuss the impact of reimbursement headwinds on emerging and established trends in IVD M&A, outlining how pressures on the industry are driving movements towards product innovation and the creation of value for laboratory customers.

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11.20.13: Mark Speers Speaking at LifeScience Alley’s 2013 Conference
Minneapolis, MN

Mark Speers, Partner, will join a dynamic panel of leaders from medical device, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies as they break down case studies in the exploration of various global markets. The breakout session, “Comparing Cost, Time, and Complexity-Regulatory and Reimbursement Global Case Studies”, takes place on November 20th at LifeScience Alley’s 2013 Conference: Healthcare Transformation — Surviving the Shift.

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10.09.13: Cooley Medical Technology Growth Conference 2013
Boston, MA

Susan Posner, Vice President, will moderate a panel of seasoned industry medtech M&A leaders as they discuss how to attract potential buyers, prepare for due diligence and position a company to achieve the greatest value, as well as share perspectives as to what strategic acquirers and investors are seeking in medtech companies today. Susan’s panelists include:

  • Mike Grippo – Vice President, Business Development, CR Bard
  • Daniel Levangie – Co-Founder and Managing Partner, ATON Partners
  • David Wong – Principal, Audax Private Equity

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10.02.13: Xconomy Xchange: Boston’s Life Science Disruptors
Cambridge, MA

An impactful event is being hosted by Health Advances this fall, featuring Founder-Investor stories from three of New England's most radical biotech companies. A dynamic panel consisting of the company leaders and their VC backers describe some of the radical approaches that are changing the game in cancer, vaccines, rare diseases, and more - and what they must continue to do to pursue their disruptive vision.

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08.21.13: How to Achieve Commercial Success with New Product Offerings
Washington, D.C.

All of the major players in diagnostics will gather at the 2013 Next Generation Dx Summit, including this year’s newest technologies. Kristin Pothier will speak at the summit on commercializing these new technologies, outlining challenges faced during initial phases and exploring how integrating the early voice of customer research at all stages is critical in ensuring a final product meets end user needs.

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06.26.13: Reimbursement Panel at DIA Annual Meeting
Boston, MA

Gary Gustavsen, Manager, presented on an expert panel at the DIA Annual Meeting, the global forum for therapeutic innovation and regulatory science. The panel focused on a critical issue in personalized medicine today, entitled Developing Effective Policy Strategies for Coverage and Reimbursement of Companion Diagnostics.
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06.21.13: ADA’s Scientific Sessions
Chicago, IL

Marie Schiller, Partner, and Sheela Hegde, Vice President, will attend the 73rd Annual Scientific Sessions presented by the American Diabetes Association. The ADA’s Scientific Sessions bring together world leaders in diabetes research and care. The yearly meeting features its sessions around the most significant advances in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diabetes. 

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06.14.13: CALBIO 2013 Closing Reception
San Diego, CA

Health Advances will host the closing reception at CALBIO 2013. CALBIO is a California-based biotechnology conference that brings together top-level executives from life science companies, patient foundations, venture capital firms, and nationally recognized corporations around the world. This year’s conference is covering topics like the future of healthcare, capital case studies, and a unique life sciences “speed dating” track which gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet with executives one-on-one.

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05.31.13: Health Advances Awarded Abstract at ASCO Annual Meeting
Chicago, IL

Health Advances oncology leaders Gary Gustavsen and Aidan Finley will represent Health Advances at the ASCO 2013 meeting. Patrick Kennedy, Kristin Pothier, and study leader Gary Gustavsen, along with the team from bioMérieux subsidiary bioTheranostics, were awarded an abstract at ASCO 2013 based on a recent health economic analysis of a novel breast cancer prognostic test developed by Health Advances.

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05.20.13: Marie Schiller Co-hosts Inaugural Annual Conference for the T1D Exchange
Boston, MA

Marie Schiller is co-hosting the first ever annual conference for the T1D Exchange, a non-profit organization which she cofounded. The exchange consists of an integrated clinic network of 65+ clinics, a clinical registry of 26,000 well-characterized type 1 diabetes patients, a biorepository, and Glu, an online community with mobile capabilities for people touched by type 1 diabetes. The focus of the conference is to identify the challenges in advancing treatments for diabetes, from innovation to commercialization, by bringing together over 75 key stakeholders who are scientific, clinical and business leaders in the diabetes space. The goal of the meeting is to create an integrated view towards product development, commercialization, and delivery of healthcare in diabetes and identify key action items where the Exchange can help to improve and advance the development of innovative treatments for diabetes.

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05.08.13: Advancing Research to Treatments for Brain Tumors Conference
Washington, DC

Skip Irving, an advisor to the National Brain Tumor Society, will join industry executives and brain tumor researchers as they discuss how to move research from bench to bedside. Biopharma executives and venture investors will share their criteria for investment and licensing of academic research while the National Brain Tumor Society-funded researchers will present brain tumor drug candidates ready for early stage investment and/or licensing.

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04.21.13: Spotlight on BIO 2013 (April 21-24)
Chicago, IL

Health Advances leadership figures prominently at BIO 2013, the biotech industry’s foremost event.

Kristin Pothier, Partner, leads an illustrious group in two panels. Panelists delve into challenges in drug development and collaborations in personalized medicine.

4/22 10:15AM: Finding Your Niche
In embracing personalized medicine early in the R&D life cycle, niche drug companies hope to find both quicker paths to approval for their medicines and a greater acceptance with payers, all while retaining premium pricing.  Is this possible?  Consider the regulatory/reimbursement environment driving niche indications as industry experts evaluate the opportunities and failures associated with personalized medicine and niche drug development.


  • Kristin Pothier, Partner, Health Advances (moderator)
  • Mohammad Azab, Chief Medical Officer, Astex Pharmaceuticals
  • Tom Davis, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Celldex Therapeutics
  • Christian Behrenbruch, Founder and CEO, ImaginAb

Tuesday 4/23 3:45PM: “Panacea or Pain: Collaboration in Personalized Medicine”

Key industry leaders who are successfully pioneering personalized medicine launches will review the state of collaboration in personalized medicine, highlighting successes and major challenges, and debating the potential of the most attractive pathways for the future.  Kristin and her panel will introduce a framework to enable companies to maximize their collaborations and viability in personalized medicine.  Is collaboration among companies a hindrance to the advancement of personalized medicine, or a panacea?


  • Kristin Pothier, Partner, Health Advances (moderator)
  • Jonathan Hirsch, Founder and President, Syapse
  • James R. McCullough, CEO, Exosome Diagnostics
  • Hakan Sakul, PhD, Executive Director and Head of Diagnostics, Pfizer Inc.
  • Paul Billings MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer, Life Technologies
  • David Jackson, VP of Business Development, PrimeraDx

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4/24:  Korean Life Sciences Industry Executive Series Breakfast and Networking Event. (In association with the BIO annual meeting)

Relations between the United States and Korea are rapidly strengthening because of the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA), which entered into force one year ago. Korean Life Sciences Companies with a U.S. presence, or who are seeking to expand into the US, can enhance their competitiveness with a solid understanding of the evolving U.S. healthcare environment. The panel moderators will offer an overview of US competitive reimbursement and clinical strategy and discuss their applicability to fueling emerging Korean Life Science Companies operating, partnering, or planning to expand in the United States.
Moderators: Paula Ness Speers, Partner and Managing Director, Health Advances and Tom Barker, Partner/Co-Chair of the Healthcare Practice, Foley Hoag LLP.

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04.17.13: Health Advances speaks at PMC/BIO Evidence, Coverage, & Incentives: A PMC/BIO Solutions Summit in Washington, DC.
Washington, DC.

Kristin Pothier, Partner, and Gary Gustavsen, Manager, will attend and present at the Evidence, Coverage, & Incentives: A PMC/BIO Solutions Summit. This summit brings together payers, patients, health care workers and industry representatives to discuss the challenges and potential solutions to advancing personalized medicine. Kristin will lead a discussion on evidentiary standards and data requirements for payer coverage, with Jerry Conway, Vice President of Reimbursement and Payer Strategy, Foundation Medicine, Jeff Allen, Executive Director, Friends of Cancer Research, and Matt Zubiller, Vice President for Decision Management Business, McKesson Corporation.

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04.09.13: Medical Informatics 2013 World Conference
Boston, MA

Paula Ness Speers, Managing Director, and Laura Eisenmann, Director of Knowledge Management, will attend this year’s Medical Informatics World Conference. Health Advances works with device, diagnostic, therapeutic and service companies to identify opportunities to incorporate medical informatics into their business for further value-added services to their customers, as well as to gain more insight into patients they serve. The firm also assists technology and informatics companies navigate the healthcare sector to identify new applications for their products and services. Health Advances has also invested in the building and maintenance of its own robust knowledge management resource center for 20+ years, and attends regular summits to stay abreast of new resource and technology trends.

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03.19.13: World CDx Frankfurt
Frankfurt, Germany

2012 has seen huge progress in use of NGS, new bioinformatics tools, better models & greater access to clinical specimens. World CDx Frankfurt brings together the leading minds to discuss these rapid advances. Kristin Pothier, Partner, and Gary Gustavsen, Manager will be delivering an invited workshop on the commercialization of companion diagnostics during this conference.
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03.17.13: The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons 2013 Annual Meeting
Chicago, IL

Paula Ness Speers, Managing Director, and Kate Strayer-Benton, Associate, will attend the AAOS 2013 Annual Meeting, the world’s largest meeting of orthopaedic surgeons and allied health professionals.  Orthopaedics is one of Health Advances clinical focus areas, and our staff attends each year to stay abreast of latest changes in the industry, including orthopaedic implants, instruments, services and pain management biomaterials.  This gathering of surgeons and company executives allows us to meet with clients and key decision makers to gather information and develop new insights that enable us to continue to evolve and refine innovative strategies for companies and investors in this industry.
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03.11.13: Diagnostics: They Should be a Reimbursement Panacea. So What’s Going Wrong?
Hyatt Regency Philadelphia, Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia, PA

For years, diagnostic testing has been cited (by some) as the answer to the drug cost problem. So far, though, it hasn’t lived up to the hype. The diagnostics business model remains a mystery, with price and clinical utility as oft-cited concerns. Hear a frank discussion from players across the industry on what’s now required for molecular diagnostic reimbursement and how best to capture the promise of personalized medicine. The panel, which is part of the symposium titled, The Future is Now: Disrupting Drug/Dx Reimbursement will take place at 3:45.


  • Kristin Pothier, Partner, Health Advance
  • Michael Kolodziej, MD, National Medical Director, Oncology Solutions, Office of the CMO, Aetna
  • Douglas Moeller, MD, Medical Director, McKesson Health Solutions
  • Annalisa Jenkins, EVP, Head of Global Development and Medical, Merck Serono
  • Ted Snelgrove, Chief Commercial Officer, Crescendo Bioscience

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02.27.13: Health Advances to Present at the IBC Biosimilars Conference
Huntington Beach, CA

Vivek Mittal, Ph.D., Vice President, will moderate a panel titled “Global Convergence of Regulatory Expectations and Its Impact on Product Development Strategies for Biosimilar Players”

Our expert panel will help the audience understand some of the key issues facing putative biosimilar manufacturers:

  • What Are The Relevant Differences Between The Regulatory Guidelines in US/Europe?
  • How does it impact the drug development and clinical strategies - one across the board or specific ones for each market?
  • What other regulatory nuances and implications should biosimilar developers be aware/cognizant of?

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02.27.13: 2013 ATTD Conference
Paris, France

Marie Schiller, Partner, will attend the 6th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes. ATTD brings together leading researchers and clinicians from around the world who are working in the treatment and prevention of diabetes and related illnesses.

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02.02.13: Molecular Med Tri-Con 2013
San Francisco, CA

The annual Molecular Med Tri-Con is been considered the key meeting place for leaders of the industry and a platform for major announcements. Kristin Pothier, Partner, will be delivering the industry keynote at the conference.

Wednesday, 02.13.13
12:10PM, PST
Industry Keynote: Advancing Molecular Medicine
The American healthcare system operates on the precipice of a catastrophic economic burden. A rapidly aging population and widespread inability to eliminate trial-and-error medicine and manage costs comprise this burden’s alarming weight. High-value diagnostics can bridge the gap between the need and the solution, but we must first strengthen its foundation. This is the mission of the non-profit educational organization DxInsights. DxInsights is building operational leadership, scientific and commercial strategy, legal and regulatory grounding, and seasoned publicity and communications expertise in a world class resource center that assembles the best data, unbiased guidance, and sharing of information specifically devoted to diagnostics’ expanding role in the future of healthcare.  Delivered by one of its founders, this keynote will address the changing face of diagnostics in the healthcare system today, the role DxInsights is playing to take these challenges head on, and how all stakeholders can participate.

5:20PM PST
Breakout Session: Changing the Face of Diagnostics in Healthcare
Kristin Ciriello Pothier, Partner, Health Advances, LLC

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11.12.12: Pricing a New Product: Are Comparative Effectiveness Systems Setting the Floor or the Ceiling?
Hamburg, Germany

Skip Irving, Partner and Managing Director, moderated a panel at BIO-Europe 2012, Europe's largest partnering conference for the global biotech industry. Skip was joined by a panel of industry executives in discussing the resulting impact within the biotech industry as countries are using comparative effectiveness systems to guide decisions about which new products to reimburse and the terms of reimbursement. Are comparative effectiveness systems making health systems more efficient and effective in delivering the best treatments, or are they impeding market access for promising new medicines? What are the regional and global trends? How will these government actions influence the price for a new product?

  • Joseph Damond, Senior VP, International Affairs, Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO)
  • Alexander Natz, Secretary General, European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs (EUCOPE)
  • Koen Torfs, VP, Health Economics, Reimbursement and Market Access, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Janssen

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10.01.12: Health Advances Attends and Presents at AdvaMed 2012
Boston, MA

Mark Speers, Paula Ness Speers, Kristin Pothier, Susan Posner and Tracy Walters attended AdvaMed 2012 in Boston. This is the first time this annual event was held outside of Washington, DC. The conference brings together senior Medtech executive leadership to engage in critical discussions ranging from regulatory affairs and reimbursement, to IP and business development.

Susan Posner, Vice President, moderated a panel discussion titled, "How to Attract Buyers and Maximize Valuation." Tight financial markets have caused many companies that in prior years may have pursued a go-it-alone strategy to focus on an acquisition exit. At the same time, potential large acquirers are facing a new reality as revenue growth is slowing relative to a few years ago. Slow growth, large balance sheets, and previous R&D cost-cutting by large medtechs have hurt development and will likely drive an uptick in acquisitions. However, smaller companies are struggling with the best ways to demonstrate value and identify the time of key valuation inflection points. The panel fostered an open dialogue to provide critical advice on how (and when) to put their best foot forward to garner an attractive exit. Susan was joined by a distinguished panel including:

  • Chad Cornell, Vice President, Corporate Development, Medtronic
  • Mike Grippo, Vice President, Business Development, C.R. Bard
  • David Milne, Managing Partner, SV Life Sciences
  • Kevin Schimelfenig, Managing Partner, McGeever and SalesForce4Hire

Kristin Pothier, Partner, also delivered a presentation titled "Diagnostic Commercialization and Reimbursement Reform" at the AdvaMed Global Diagnostics Meeting. This meeting brings together delegates from global associations including the British In Vitro Diagnostics Association, European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association, Camara Brasileira De Diagnostico Laboratorial, IVD Australia, Japan Association of Clinical Reagents Industries, and Medical Devices Association Canada, to unify vision and discuss 2013 major initiatives within and between associations.

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07.16.12: Health Advances at AACC
Los Angeles, CA

Kristin Pothier, Donna Hochberg, Vivek Mittal, Gary Gustavsen, Erika Reynoso, and Shane Mulligan attended the annual AACC. The AACC Annual Meeting is an excellent opportunity to participate in a variety of discussions and activities surrounding the clinical in vitro diagnostics industry including exploring novel biomarker development and innovative diagnostic technologies, networking with business executives, clinicians, laboratorians, and scientists, and attending the largest clinical expo in the world.

Kristin led two panels:
Companion Diagnostics: Maximizing the Potential of Your Partnerships

  • George Maliekal, Senior Director of Business Development, Abbott Molecular Inc.
  • Matt McManus, MD, PhD, CEO and President, PrimeraDx
  • Francois Ferre, PhD, CEO, AltheaDx
  • Judith Roesler, Esq., Former Chief Patent Counsel, bioMérieux

Commercialization in International Markets: A Debate on Global Strategy Development

  • Rob DeWitte, General Manager, Mass Spectrometry Diagnostics, ThermoFisher Scientific
  • Jim Widergren, Senior Vice President of Global Customer Operations, Danaher
  • Simon Shorter, Senior Director, Strategic Health Initiatives, Abbott Diagnostics
  • Thomas Brinkmann, Group Chief Medical Officer, Unilabs

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06.19.12: BIO Annual Meeting
Boston, MA

Health Advances is leading five panels at the BIO annual meeting being held in Boston, MA from June 18-22, 2012. Join our leadership team and their expert panelists as they address your greatest industry challenges.

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05.01.12: MassMEDIC's Annual Conference
Boston, MA

Susan Posner, Vice President, delivered a presentation and moderated a panel titled "MedTech's New Economic Value Proposition" at MassMEDIC's 16th annual conference. Panelists included:

  • Jeff Burbank, Founder and CEO of NxStage Medical, Inc.
  • Elijah White, Director, Marketing of Haemonetics Corporation
  • Maria B. Stewart, Director, Health Economics and Reimbursement, Endoscopy Division, Boston Scientific Corporation

The cost of health care is dominating the political agenda and medtech purchase decisions. Learn how industry leaders in Massachusetts are approaching this new and evolving paradigm. Susan and the panelists will discuss product development and sales in the evolving medtech marketplace and thoughts about what the future might hold.

Founded in 1996, the Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council (MassMEDIC) is an organization of medical device manufacturers, suppliers and associated non-profit groups in Massachusetts and the surrounding region. Over the past 15 years, the efforts of MassMEDIC and its members have driven MedTech industry success and growth in the region, establishing Massachusetts as the nation's second largest medical technology community.

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03.18.12: World Companion Diagnostics Summit
Frankfurt, Germany

Kristin Pothier, Partner, delivered a presentation titled "Commercializing Personalized Medicine: Navigating Reality in Multiple Markets" at the 5th World Companion Diagnostics Summit in Frankfurt, Germany.

Considered the world's largest industry-focused companion diagnostics meeting, this summit gathers together key stakeholders from across the industry to examine how to turn biomarker research into successful patient stratification and deliver better, safer drugs to market with drug-diagnostic co-development. This premier event focuses on commercialization, cooperation and technical/scientific advances in predictive biomarker identification and CDx development.

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03.01.12: Biobetters and Biosimilars Conference
San Diego

Vivek Mittal, Ph.D., Manager presented a talk titled "Value Proposition of Biobetters versus Biosimilars: Considerations for Developers" at the inaugural Biobetters and Biosimilars Conference in San Diego. His talk provided a framework for those interested in entering the space to use in assessing opportunities and will use case studies from real client work to help illustrate the key themes.

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02.23.12: Molecular Med Tri-Con 2012
San Francisco

The evolution of true translational and transformative technologies such as molecular diagnostics, next generation sequencing, digital pathology, and mass spectrometry into the clinical markets from their original life science markets is occurring rapidly, but not without major commercialization challenges for life science companies as they develop their strategies for a very different clinical market.

Kristin Pothier, Partner, delivered a presentation and panel discussion titled, "Transforming Translational Tools: The Commercialization of Novel Diagnostics from Life Science Technologies" at the 2012 Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference. The conference is a premier event focused on innovations in molecular medicine, diagnostics, and life science tools.


  • Kristin Ciriello Pothier, Partner, Health Advances, LLC (Moderator)
  • Nancy Krunic, PhD, Vice President, Molecular Diagnostics, Luminex
  • Austin Tanney, PhD, Scientific Liaison Manager, Almac
  • Pamela Swatkowski, Director, Regulatory Affairs, Abbott Molecular

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02.07.12: AAOS Conference
San Francisco

Paula Ness Speers, Partner and Managing Director at Health Advances, recently attended the 2012 AAOS meeting in San Francisco. Paula leads the firm's orthopedics and spine practice, working with a broad client base from start-ups to large public companies involved in all aspects of the orthopedics industry. With the increasing cost containment pressures facing all of healthcare, which are weighing heavily on the orthopedics industry in particular, Paula and the teams at Health Advances are helping product and service companies, as well as investors in this sector, to think out-of-the-box and identify business models and strategies to create new and sustainable success. This involves conducting comparative effectiveness studies to quantify economic and clinical benefits, exploring applications for HCIT in their product and service businesses that can help provide differentiation and generate valuable information to guide their business strategy, or evaluating the financial impact of new business model ideas. Health Advances is also active in evaluating ex-US market expansion opportunities, developing clinical trial strategies for market penetration, pricing/reimbursement and market access strategies for new products preparing to launch or repositioning of marketed products that aren't achieving their full potential. To learn more about Health Advances' expertise in orthopedics, contact Paula at 781-647-3435.

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02.01.12: Health Advances Partner Co-Founds Diagnostic Insights

Health Advances announces that Kristin Pothier, Partner, along with Mara Aspinall of Ventana/Roche, Terri Clevenger of Continuum Health, and Hathaway Russell of Foley Hoag have launched Diagnostic Insights, an independent organization designed to educate on the impact of diagnostics in improving health care outcomes to the nation's healthcare communities.

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02.01.12: Health Advances LLC Expands into Europe via Switzerland

Healthcare strategy consulting firm Health Advances LLC, with US offices in Boston and San Francisco, has opened a regional office in Switzerland. The new office in Zurich will continue Health Advances' mission of ensuring its clients are making the best decisions and investments by providing knowledge-driven insights and recommendations on a global basis.

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12.08.11: EPEMED Conference

Kristin Pothier, Partner, delivered a presentation at the European Personalized Medicine Association (EPEMED) Conference. The presentation entitled, "Economics of Life Science Innovation and Personalized Medicine," highlighted the business strategy, financial investment and costs associated with the global expansion of Life Science and Personalized Medicine. This conference brings together leaders across therapeutics and diagnostics to discuss the challenges and solutions to successful global commercialization of personalized medicine.

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11.10.11: Genetic Test Offerings to the American Population
Boston, MA

Kristin Pothier, Partner, joined Louis Hochheiser, MD, VP & Chief Medical Leader of Humana Inc.; Glen Stettin, MD, CMO of Medco; and, Matthew Zubiller, VP, Decision Management at McKesson Health Solutions on a panel titled, "Genetic Test Offerings to the American Population" at the Personalized Medicine Conference at Harvard Medical School in Boston.

Topics for discussion included CVS and Medco's commitment to making personalized medicine an integral component to their business plan and reasons behind the decision to offer genetic testing services to their customers; other large organizations that may be contemplating incorporating genetics into their business plan, the reimbursement landscape and how payers are thinking about molecular diagnostics. The panel was moderated by Troyen Brennan, MD, MPH, Executive VP & CMO of CVS Caremark.
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11.07.11: Partnering for Cures 2011
New York, NY

Marie Schiller, Partner, served as an Expert Consultant at Partnering for Cures 2011. The meeting was an opportunity to find nontraditional allies who can help companies advance their medical research goals, and a platform for solutions needed to accelerate progress.

Convened by FasterCures, a Center of the Milken Institute, this effort brought together more than 800 leaders from all sectors of the medical research enterprise, across therapeutic areas, and across geographic boundaries.

Marie provided expert consultation in strategic planning, specifically addressing strategic and business model issues including establishing planning guidelines and timelines, conducting strategic analysis and organizational assessments, setting or changing strategic direction, refining goals and methods, approaching collaborations (with both partners and funders), and mapping/measuring success.

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10.26.11: Diagnostics: X Marks the Spot — Companion Dx in Oncology
San Francisco, CA

Vivek Mittal, PhD,Manager, participated in a panel at the 10th Annual Bio Investor Forum on Wednesday, October 26th. Insights into the molecular and genetic basis of disease are driving new product and therapeutic opportunities while changing the treatment paradigm for many cancers. The use of companion diagnostics in oncology may play a role in optimizing and expediting the development of targeted therapies for many cancers and other conditions among validated patient populations. Promising improved treatment outcomes tailored to genetic etiology and disease pathology, the field of companion diagnostics not only ignites the interest of clinicians and investors, but is also spurring potentially lucrative industry partnerships. Focusing on these new markets, industry executives and investors discussed some of the most compelling new technologies and applications for companion diagnostics in oncology.


  • Scott Allocco, President and a Co-founder, BioMarker Strategies


  • Steven M. Anderson, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of Oncology and Genetics, LabCorp and Monogram Biosciences
  • Rollie Carlson, PhD, President, Asuragen, Inc.
  • Alan Wahl, Senior Director Oncology, Global Pharmaceutical Research & Development, Abbott
  • Vivek Mittal, PhD, Manager, Health Advances

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09.27.11: The Business of Personalized Medicine: An Evolving Paradigm
Washington, DC

Mark Speers, Susan Posner, Tracy Walters, and Kristin Pothier attended AdvaMed 2011. The yearly event provides medical device and diagnostics executives with an opportunity to engage in critical discussions ranging from regulatory affairs and reimbursement, to IP and business development.

Kristin Pothier, Partner, delivered a presentation and panel discussion on Tuesday, September 27th from 10:45am-12:00pm titled, "The Business of Personalized Medicine: An Evolving Paradigm." The presentation focused on personalized medicine and the collaborative models in existence today, discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each option, and highlighted the most attractive models for the future. Kristin was joined by a distinguished panel including:

  • Dr. John Beeler, Director, Theranostics and Business Development, bioMérieux
  • Dr. Karen Long, Divisional VP, Medical, Regulatory and Clinical Affairs, Abbott Molecular
  • Dr. Elizabeth Mansfield, Director, Personalized Medicine, Office of In Vitro Diagnostics, Center for Devices and Radiological Health, FDA

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09.16.11: Objectively Assessing the Market Opportunity: Implications for Company Valuation and Product Strategy
Palo Alto, CA

Susan Posner, Vice President, moderated a panel at the MDMA conference for Medical Technology Executives. A medtech executive's job is to champion the Company's product and technology, but unrealistic market expectations and imprecise descriptions of compelling value propositions across stakeholders can lead investors to prematurely discredit a solid market opportunity and handicap the Company's ultimate commercialization strategy.

A panel of seasoned investors and executives joined Susan to discuss accurately assessing a product's value across decision-makers and sizing the market opportunity to both effectively position a product for market success and/or a rewarding exit.


  • Wende Hutton, General Partner, Canaan Partners
  • Mike Kleine, President & CEO, EndoGastric Solutions
  • David Stoffel, MD, Senior Director, New Business Development, Intuitive Surgical, Inc.
  • Susan Posner, Vice President, Health Advances, LLC

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07.26.11: Health Advances Reception and Panel, The Evolution of Translational Tools: The Promise of Life Sciences in the Clinical World at the 2011 AACC Annual Meeting
Atlanta, GA

Kristin Pothier, Donna Hochberg, Vivek Mittal, and Brittany Carroll attended the 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry Conference (AACC). The AACC Annual Meeting is an excellent opportunity to participate in a variety of discussions and activities surrounding the clinical in vitro diagnostics industry. Health Advances hosted a reception, The Evolution of Translational Tools: The Promise of Life Sciences in the Clinical World focusing on the transition of research tools into the clinical laboratory. The event included an exciting panel with Rahul Dhanda of T2 Biosystems, Scott Garrett of Water Street Healthcare Partners, and Kevin Hrusovsky of Caliper Life Sciences and was moderated by Kristin Pothier, Partner, Health Advances.

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07.11.11: Commercializing Companion Diagnostics: Successful Partnerships Conference
San Mateo, California

While there is much discussion and hype surrounding the value and importance of furthering the integration of personalized medicine within healthcare systems throughout the world, in order to realize the dream and vision of personalized medicine, much work remains to ensure that diagnostic tests are fully partnered with these new and unique therapies.

The Commercializing Companion Diagnostics Conference seeks to highlight critical success factors in making personalized medicine a reality.

Vivek Mittal, Manager, and Gary Gustavsen, Manager, presented on two key hurdles to achieving this goal:

Companion Diagnostics: Necessary Evolution of Medicine
Advancement beyond the diagnosis and treatment of disease based on broad clinical symptoms to identification and treatment of discrete patient segments based on similar molecular characteristics requires increasingly complex diagnostics. These diagnostics must be seen as the enablers to providing patients with safer and more efficacious therapeutic options. Advancing patient care must align economic incentives and reward both drug & diagnostic innovators.

  • Recognizing diagnostics as enablers of novel therapeutics
  • Changing the economic view for paired drug-diagnostic combinations
  • Overcoming competitive risks of diagnostic development

Regulatory Perspectives on Clearance Routes for Companion Tests
Navigating a companion test through the unclear FDA regulatory process can seem impossible without first considering the proper pathway and timeline allowing for additional information to be presented to the FDA in order to support approval. It is important to understand what is expected by the FDA on all aspects of developing a companion test and also to realize the low re-sources the FDA has to regulate appropriately which leaves much of the process misunderstood on what is expected.

  • Review of recent changes in regulatory standards enforced by the FDA
  • Focus on proper steps and timeline of a regulated companion test
  • Discussing FDA's plans of an open guideline of what is expected
  • Case study of a successful companion test approval through CDER

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06.29.11: Health Advances Presentation at BIO
Washington, DC

Kristin Pothier, Partner, was part of a panel of diagnostic and drug industry experts who presented the findings from two important reports about the reimbursement challenges facing personalized medicine diagnostics. In addition to Kristin, the panel included Scott Allocco, President, BioMarker Strategies, LLC; David Parker, Ph.D., Vice President, Boston Healthcare; and Steve Phillips, Director, Health Policy and Reimbursement, Johnson & Johnson. Kristin presented the findings from the detailed report developed with BIO called The Reimbursement Landscape for Novel Diagnostics: Current Limitations. Real-World Impact, and Proposed Solutions. Co-author Gary Gustavsen, Manager was also in attendance.

learn about our recent report on diagnostic reimbursement reform.
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06.27.11: Health Advances Workshop at Molecular Diagnostics for Cancer Drug Development Conference
Boston, MA

Kristin Pothier, Partner, and Gary Gustavsen, Manager, led the first pre-conference workshop entitled "Reimbursement for Personalized Medicine Diagnostics: Current Limitations and Evolving Strategies"

This interactive workshop provided participants with a detailed view of the reimbursement landscape today as it pertains to personalized medicine diagnostics. The real-world impact of current limitations were analyzed including coverage, coding, and payment. Successful reimbursement strategies were also discussed. Then, through a series of interactive, facilitated breakout sessions, participants were led through the most promising proposed solutions to the current reimbursement limitations and weighed the relative benefits and disadvantages from various stakeholders' points of view. Finally, Health Advances shared its insights for capturing the true value of personalized medicine diagnostics today and amid potential reform environments in the future.

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06.14.11: Mark Speers Leads Commercialization Strategy Panel at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Medtech Conference
San Francisco, CA

Mark Speers, Partner and Managing Director, was joined by Michael Devine, EVP, Sales & Marketing, Access Closure, Bill Facteau, Worldwide President, Acclarent, Inc., a division of Ethicon, Inc. and Chad Cornell, VP Corporate Development, Medtronic, Inc. as they discussed product commercialization options and their impact on private company valuation. The panel generally agreed that a swing in the M&A environment has occurred over the last two years and companies should think twice before scaling up large sales and marketing infrastructures.

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06.01.11: Susan Posner Elected to MassMEDIC Board of Directors

Health Advances, LLC is pleased to announce the election of Susan Posner, Vice President, to the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council (MassMEDIC). MassMEDIC is the only organization in New England dedicated solely to promoting the unique interests of the medical device industry. Susan's election by MassMEDIC's more than 300 member organizations reflects her contributions and commitment to the medical device industry. Susan will serve a three-year term with the organization and anticipates active involvement in advocacy with State and Federal government and the enhancement of MassMEDIC's educational forums. 

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05.23.11: Health Advances Strengthens Management Team

Health Advances is pleased to announce that Karen Gershman has joined the firm in the role of Chief Operating Officer. As a key member of the senior leadership team, Karen is responsible for directing a wide range of functional resources necessary to deliver the highest quality consulting services to Health Advances' clients.

Karen comes to Health Advances with over 25 years in managerial, operational and financial management in both the public and private sectors. For the last decade, Karen served as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' $50 billion Pension Reserves Investment Management Board. Karen earned her BA in Business Administration from Merrimack College. "We are exceptionally pleased that Karen has chosen to join Health Advances. Our clients have come to expect extraordinary service which requires that our consulting staff can confidently access our information infrastructure and IT platforms globally. Karen has the experience and management talent to help Health Advances maintain this strong service orientation while continuing to grow," says Marie Schiller, Partner.

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05.17.11: Personalized Medicine Summit Series: Reimbursement Challenges for Novel Diagnostics
Cambridge, MA

Kristin Pothier, Partner, and Gary Gustavsen, Manager, led the first workshop in the 2011 MassBio Personalized Medicine Summit Series.

This workshop gave attendees a broad overview of the reimbursement landscape for novel diagnostics and armed them with strategies for navigating the field in the future. Health Advances drew on its recently published report with BIO to set the stage for an interactive discussion. The current challenges in coverage, coding, and payment were explored. Participants shared perspectives on the real-world impact of these limitations and successful strategies for reimbursement. Finally, the group analyzed proposed reform solutions and discussion the implications for key stakeholders.

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04.20.11: BayBio Annual Conference 2011: Powering Global Innovationg
Burlingame, CA

With Northern California regarded as a global innovation engine, the BayBio2011 Annual Conference explored themes and topics focusing on fostering global collaborations in research, development and commercialization.

The BayBio2011 Annual Conference attracted more than 1,000 life science professionals from around the globe.

Health Advances sponsored the Regulatory and Commercialization track. Vivek Mittal, PhD, Manager moderated an exciting panel discussion, "Integrating Product Development and Corporate Strategies" exploring how companies assess tradeoffs such as time, cost, probability of regulatory success and commercial regulatory potential when making development decisions.

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03.22.11: MassBio Annual Meeting
Cambridge, MA

Kristin Pothier and Gary Gustavsen moderated a pair of expert panels on personalized medicine at the 2011 MassBio Annual Meeting in Cambridge, MA. Gary moderated the panel "Applying Lessons Learned in Oncology to Other Treatment Areas" at 8:00am and Kristin moderated the panel "Business Models in Personalized Medicine: An Evolving Paradigm" at 11:00am.

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02.23.11: Molecular Med Tri-Conference
San Francisco, CA

Kristin Pothier spoke at the 2011 Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference on a panel titled, "Expert Reimbursement Panel: The Changing Landscape of Valuation and Reimbursement". The conference is a premier event focused on innovations in molecular medicine, diagnostics, and life science tools.

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02.15.11: AAOS Annual Meeting
San Diego, CA

Paula Ness Speers, Partner and Managing Director and Sheela Hegde, Vice President attended the annual AAOS meeting in San Diego. Each year, the AAOS meeting highlights important clinical issues and trends in the orthopedic industry that drive the future demand for medical products and services. Senior members of the Health Advances team regularly attend the leading orthopedic conferences, such as AAOS and NASS, as part of our ongoing commitment to stay up to date on changes to products, policies and practices in the field.

Health Advances has considerable expertise across all segments of the orthopedics market, including large joints, extremities, spine, trauma, sports surgery and biomaterials. As one of our core practice specialty areas, Health Advances has developed and maintains a deep working knowledge of the industry that can be levergaed for each new project in the field.

Past projects have included market assessments, financial forecasts, comparative effectiveness studies, pricing and reimbursement strategy, technology assessments, and deal due diligence, to name a few. The analytic rigor, extensive knowledge of data resources, understanding of the drivers of success as well as challenges facing the various sectors within orthopedics, ensure every project we complete delivers the most reliable and leading edge thinking to address our clients' most pressing questions.

For more information, contact us at 781-647-3435.

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02.08.11: Third Annual Progress Toward Winning the War on Cancer Conference
Boston, MA

As part of our ongoing effort to keep abreast of current issues in the healthcare industry, Aidan Finlay, Senior Analyst, attended this symposium presented by MassBio and the American Cancer Society. The Cancer Research Challenge presents an opportunity to create visible connections between science, medicine and patient health and to accelerate the pace of progress against cancer. Speakers include Joan Brugge, PhD (Louise Foote Pfeiffer Professor and Chair of Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School) and Ed Harlow, PhD (CSO, Constellation Pharmaceuticals) and Ulrik Nielsen, PhD (SVP and CSO, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals).

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01.29.11: Skip Irving Moderates Entrepreneurship Panel at the Harvard Business School Healthcare Conference
Cambridge, MA

Skip Irving, Partner and Managing Director at Health Advances, moderated a panel at the Harvard Business School's 8th Annual Healthcare Conference. The focus was on launching a biotech/pharma/device company in the current regulatory environment. Skip was joined by an impressive group of panelists which should lead to an interesting discussion.

  • Entrepreneurship Panelists:
  • David Berry, Partner at Flagship Ventures
  • Amar Sawhney , CEO and President at Ocular Therapeutix
  • Robert Kamen, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Third Rock Ventures
  • Terry McGuire, Co-Founder and General Partner at Polaris Ventures
  • Micah Rosenbloom, Co-Founder at Brontes Medical

01.25.11: Personalized Medicine: State of the Industry
Cambridge, MA

Kristin Pothier, Partner, and Gary Gustavsen, Associate, presented their State of the Industry perspective on personalized medicine. Following up from MassBio's Personalized Medicine Summit last September, MassBio continues to promote the education, awareness, and business challenges surrounding personalized medicine, kicking off the 2011 season with this State of the Industry Event.

This event was designed to familiarize MassBio's membership with the issues facing our industry regarding PM. Health Advances walked through the complexities facing personalized medicine especially as it impacts commercialization strategies within biomarker research, drug discovery and development, clinical diagnostics, and companion approaches.

Health Advances recently released a report with BIO on diagnostics reimbursement reform, a necessary step in the successful realization of personalized medicine.

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01.12.11: Health Care Private Equity Association (HCPEA)
San Francisco, CA

HCPEA represents 48 private equity firms focused on health care industry investments. The industry association held its annual awards dinner during the JP Morgan conference in January. Over 80 executives attended and recognized Russ Carson for his lifetime contributions to the industry and society.

Mark Speers, Managing Director and Partner, provided the key note address which summarized 2010 investment activities and compared them to the previous decade. 2010 saw investment activity, in volume if not in deal size, return to historic highs and also witnessed 4 of the largest exits in the history of healthcare private equity: Talecris, Parkway Holdings, Multiplan, and US Oncology. Healthcare services have grown over time as a percentage of deal flow while medical equipment and supplies have fallen in their representation.

Health Advances often performs commercial diligence for private equity firms and has now worked with over 42 different private equity firms on dozens of deals.

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12.01.10: Health Advances Announces that Kristin Ciriello Pothier has been appointed a Partner of the Firm

Over the past eight years, Kristin has been instrumental in developing and leading the Health Advances Diagnostics and Life Science Tools Practice, a global practice providing results-oriented commercialization strategies for the clinical diagnostics and life science tools sectors. Seasoned executives rely upon Kristin and her teams for assistance with market strategy, pricing and reimbursement, portfolio prioritization and corporate strategy for novel diagnostics and life science products and services. Kristin's clients range from small diagnostics and tools start-ups to the largest investors, public companies and non-profit institutions in the industry. She is a frequent speaker and writer in the diagnostics and life sciences industries, covering topics such as the commercialization of companion diagnostics, the transition of life science tools to the clinical laboratory, and investment in personalized medicine.

Kristin joined Health Advances in 2002 with extensive experience as a scientist in genomics research at Genome Therapeutics and diagnostics technology development at Genzyme. She earned an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from Smith College and a Masters degree in Epidemiology, Health Management, and Maternal and Child Health from the Harvard School of Public Health.

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10.08.10: MassMEDIC Medtech Investors Conference
Boston, MA

MassMEDIC's MedTech Investors Conference has become a seminal event for the industry; drawing more than 400 attendees from the sector's financing, consulting and manufacturing sectors.

Despite the regulatory, financing and health reform changes confronting our industry, aggressive executives are pursuing new opportunities presented by these changes. In his speech, "The Device and Diagnostics Industry: Where We Stand Today", Mark Speers, Partner and Managing Director, discussed five reasons to be bullish about our critical industry's future.

view the presentation (PDF 1,554KB).
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09.22.10: Health Advances Presents Putting Your Best Foot Forward for Launch
Waltham, MA

Vice President Susan Posner will lead a session on preparing a medical device product for launch.

Effectively positioning your product with the right decision makers in the optimal market segments can catalyze adoption and set the foundation for broader use. Who are all the potential decision-makers and influencers? Is convenience a greater value driver than clinical effectiveness? How important is the safety aspect? How does the hierarchy of attributes vary by decision-maker? When will comparative effectiveness data impact adoption?

Susan shared examples of how successful products have developed new markets by engaging new decision makers and highlighting less obvious value propositions. Susan described the mapping of value propositions to decision makers and developing a road map for targeting sequential decision makers and market segments over time. The session also discussed when comparative effectiveness data will be most valuable in the future.

  • Positioning for success: Understanding a product's value proposition and how it may differ depending on the decision-maker and market segment
  • Comparative effectiveness and systems economic data: What is it and do we need it?
  • Product launch lessons learned: A survey of the industry

view the presentation (PDF 3,172KB).
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07.25.10: Health Advances at 2010 AACC Annual Meeting
Anaheim, CA

Kristin Pothier, Donna Hochberg, Mark Speers, Gary Gustavsen, and Marcus Moreno represented Health Advances at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry Conference (AACC) July 25-29, 2010. The AACC Annual Meeting is an excellent opportunity to participate in a variety of discussions and activities surrounding the clinical in vitro diagnostics industry including exploring novel biomarker development and innovative diagnostic technologies, networking with business executives, clinicians, laboratorians, and scientists, and attending the largest clinical expo in the world.
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06.21.10: Health Advances Leads Personalized Medicine Workshop

Kristin Pothier, Vice President, and Gary Gustavsen, Associate, led a dynamic workshop entitled “Commercializing Companion Diagnostics: From Concept to Reality.” Clinical laboratory tests account for less than 2% of Medicare spending, but influence 70% of healthcare decisions. This statistic becomes even stronger with emerging companion diagnostics. However, most diagnostic test reimbursement today does not reflect the value of these technologies or the evolution of healthcare towards a more personalized system.

These and other issues are magnified for companion diagnostics, where questions on overall commercialization strategy and the ultimate ROI for companion diagnostic developers are paramount and differ depending on the developer’s point-of-view.

This interactive workshop allowed participants to understand the pain points of the current system from both a diagnostics development and a therapeutics development perspective. Participants received a detailed view of the state of companion diagnostic development today, saw tangible examples of recent successes and failures, and discussed the most common pain points from several perspectives. Participants were then led through the essential questions and resulting analyses that must be developed within all personalized medicine programs for therapeutics and diagnostics companies. Finally, Health Advances shared its insights for capturing the true value of companion diagnostics for all stakeholders in the future.
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05.04.10: Biotechnology Industry Organization — Think and Drink Event
Chicago, IL

Health Advances hosted its highly popular “Think & Drink” event at the BIO International Convention. This year’s event, a dynamic, interactive forum guided by industry leaders, was entitled “Follow-on Biologics – Strategy Ends that Justify the Means.”

Skip Irving, Partner at Health Advances moderated the discussion. Federico Pollano, CEO of Richter-Helm BioTec, Dr. Mark McCamish, Head Global Biopharmaceutical Development of Sandoz International, and Dr. Shyam Bishen, VP, Corporate Development at Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals joined Kimberly Howland, PhD, Vice President at Health Advances to offer their take on opportunities in the market and which companies have the best chance of success in this complex and expensive arena. During this highly interactive event, the audience had the opportunity to weigh in on whether biologics can generate a positive return, what the model for success looks like, which products offer the greatest potential for follow-on biologic penetration, where and how branded biologic companies will defend their position, and many more key issues surrounding follow-on biologics.

05.03.10: Health Advances Sponsors Partnering for Global Health Forum, Releases New Report

Health Advances was pleased to be a Gold Sponsor of the Partnering for Global Health Forum, an important event hosted by BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH) focused on market-based solutions serving the health needs of the world’s poorest. The Forum was held on May 3, 2010 at the McCormick Place Lakeside Center in Chicago, immediately preceding the BIO International Convention.

On Tuesday, May 4, 2010, Health Advances, in conjunction with BVGH, unveiled a new report, “Diagnostics Innovation Map: Medical Diagnostics for the Unmet Needs of the Developing World.” Paula Ness Speers, Managing Director and leader of Health Advances’ Global Health Practice and Kristin Pothier, Vice President and leader of the Diagnostics and Discovery Tools Practice, participated in the presentation of summary findings.

The Diagnostics Innovation Map explores some of the most innovative current and emerging diagnostic technologies and provides insight into how these technologies might be applied to developing world settings. The report clarifies the diagnostic requirements for resource-poor settings and explores how recent and emerging technological advancements in the developed world might be used to improve patient care and save lives in the developing world. The report provides:

  • An understanding of unmet diagnostic needs for neglected diseases and the performance requirements for diagnostics used in resource-poor settings
  • An overview of the value that novel diagnostics can bring to health care in resource-poor settings
  • Examples of innovative lab-based and point-of-care (POC) technologies and analysis of how these recent advances could address unmet diagnostic needs in the developing world
  • Resources to aid in forging new partnerships to accelerate the development of diagnostics for neglected diseases.

In addition to their presentation of the Diagnostics Innovation Map, Paula Ness Speers and Kristin Pothier participated in BIO’s One-on-One Partnering meetings, part of the Business Forum at the 2010 BIO International Convention. One-on-One Partnering is the world’s largest biotech partnering event, allowing companies to connect with investors, senior scientific and business management professionals and create opportunities for collaboration and innovation.
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04.22.10: Keynote at BIOMEDevice Forum
Boston, MA

9:15am: Keynote Presentation: Integration of Therapeutics and Diagnostics: Lessons Learned from the Front Line
Kristin Pothier, Vice President
Developing, commercializing, and generating return on personalized medicine has been a dilemma for many stakeholders to date, as the success of each program is highly dependent on a number of factors that are not always aligned among different stakeholders. Therapeutics companies, diagnostics companies, and service providers each have different approaches and goals in helping bring personalized medicine to market. Now, more than ever, they are realizing the need for and positive impact of carefully crafting an internal personalized medicine strategy and working together in successful, mutually beneficial partnerships.

9:45am: Keynote Panel
A lively discussion with executives from leading therapeutics, diagnostics, and life sciences companies who have spearheaded personalized medicine initiatives and have found ways to collaborate effectively for maximum return.


  • Iain Miller, Ph.D., Executive Director, Theranostics Strategy and Business Development, bioMérieux
  • Steve Bushnell, Ph.D., Sr. Director, Discovery Translational Medicine, Biogen Idec
  • Lee Babiss, Ph.D., Executive Vice President of Global Laboratory Services, PPD (formerly of GSK and Roche)
  • Gary Gustavsen, Associate, Health Advances (moderator)

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02.05.10: Daniel Selvig Attends 2010 Highlights of ASH Meeting in San Francisco

Daniel Selvig, Consultant at Health Advances, represented Health Advances at the 2010 Highlights of ASH Meeting February 5-6, 2010. The meeting will feature leading hematology experts who will present analysis of the ASH annual meeting abstracts, evolving therapies, and the latest treatment options. In addition, daily panel discussions and programs such as “Breakfast with the Experts” will provide the opportunity to discuss real patient cases with leaders in the field, gain knowledge that can impact patient care strategies, and network with colleagues.
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01.30.10: Skip Irving Moderates Panel at HBS
Cambridge, MA

Skip Irving, Partner and Managing Director at Health Advances, moderated a panel at Harvard Business School’s 2010 Healthcare Conference. The panel, presented by the Healthcare Club at HBS, was entitled “Venture Capital & Entrepreneurship — Will Policy Changes Kill Innovation in Healthcare?” Joining Skip on the panel were:

  • Bonnie Fendrock, President and CEO, Hepregen Corporation
  • Jeffrey Levin-Scherz, Principal, Towers Perrin
  • Tom McKinley, General Partner, Cardinal Partners

12.10.09: Kristin Pothier Participates in BIOMEDevice Forum in San Jose
San Jose, CA

In recent months, DTC genomics has been under intense scrutiny. Kristin Pothier, Vice President, Health Advances, addressed this topic on December 10th at the 2009 BIOMEDevice Forum in San Jose, CA. She was joined by Amy DuRoss, Vice President of Policy and Business Affairs, Navigenics; Leah Sparks, Sr. Director, Business Development, DNA Direct; and Sandra Lee, Ph.D. Senior Research Scholar, Stanford University. The panelists discussed how each has navigated through the regulatory, ethical, and business issues surrounding direct-to-consumer diagnostics, what their greatest drivers and barriers are today, and how these controversial offerings may change in the future.
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12.03.09: Marie Schiller and Skip Irving Participate in Faster Cures Conference
New York, NY

Marie Schiller, Partner, and Skip Irving, Partner and Managing Director, represented Health Advances at the FasterCures conference in New York City. “Partnering for Cures” was a first-of-its-kind meeting that brought together philanthropy, medical research foundations, and the biopharmaceutical industry in an effort to forge strategic collaborations key to the timely development of new medical solutions. In addition to attending the conference, Marie Schiller participated in a panel discussion entitled “Stories from the Front Lines of Philanthropy.” Panel members shared their thoughts on philanthropic investment and collaboration in the battle to conquer deadly diseases.


  • Dana Ball, Program Director
  • David Panzirer - Trustee
  • Melissa Berman, CEO & President for Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
  • Marie Schiller, Partner – Health Advances
  • Doug Melton, Harvard Stem Cell Institute
  • Alan Lewis, CEO - JDRF

11.10.09: Paula Ness Speers attends Major Orthopedics Meeting in San Francisco (NASS)
San Francisco, CA

Paula Ness Speers, Partner and Managing Director at Health Advances, participated in the annual meeting of the North American Spine Society in San Francisco during the week of November 10th. Health Advances has extensive experience in orthopedics. We have worked with clients on a variety of projects such as new product design assessments, market sizing for new orthopedic products, and pricing and reimbursement strategies prior to market launch. The firm also supports major transactions for strategic and financial clients interested in orthopedics products or companies by conducting due diligence for licensing or acquisition activities.

Paula oversees the majority of our work in the orthopedic sector and can be reached by calling the firm’s Boston area office at 781-647-3435. 

11.09.09: Health Advances Hosts VIP Reception for Executives interested in Vaccines and Global Health at the Broad Institute
Cambridge, MA

Health Advances hosted a VIP reception for approximately 80 executives interested in better understanding opportunities for vaccines in the global health arena on November 9th at the Broad Institute in Cambridge. The reception preceded the MIT Enterprise Forum’s program titled: Vaccines & Global Health: New Technologies Create Global Opportunities.

Paula Ness Speers, Partner and Managing Director at Health Advances, leads the firm’s Global Health practice area, which works with a range of clients, including non-profit global health organizations and for-profit companies developing products with potential applications in the developing world.

To learn more about our experience in the areas of vaccines and global health, please call Paula Ness Speers at Health Advances’ Boston area office: 781-647-3435. 

09.01.09: Health Advances, LLC Expands West Coast Operations

Health Advances, LLC is pleased to announce the expansion of its West Coast office. Led by Kimberly Howland, PhD, Vice President, our California-based team is adding new consultants to better serve our diverse and growing clientele. "Health Advances leverages the clinical expertise and deep industry insight of professionals in both our East and West Coast offices to provide innovative, actionable commercialization solutions for our clients worldwide," said Ms. Howland. To accommodate its growth, our West Coast office has moved to a new location:

201 Mission Street, Suite 500
San Francisco, CA 94105
Tel: 415-834-0800
Fax: 781-392-1484

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07.21.09: Has Point of Care Come of Age?
Chicago, IL

The logic of POC testing, enabling rapid diagnosis and treatment, has been impeccable for decades. Nevertheless, relatively few POC tests have become commercial successes. Will a more cost-conscious healthcare system catalyze or impede the adoption of more POC testing? Which POC innovations will move the needle? What is the future of POC testing in the US and ROW? Some of the industry's pioneers joined us for a lively debate on this topic during the year’s AACC in Chicago, IL.


  • Kristin Pothier, Vice President, Health Advances (Moderator and Presenter)
  • Kent Lewandrowski, Editor-in-Chief, Point of Care Journal
  • David Lewis, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley-Research
  • Robert Kunkler, Divisional Vice President, Business Development, Abbott POC
  • John McDonough, CEO, T2 Biosystems
  • Douglas Michels, President and CEO, OraSure Technologies
  • Clinton Severson, Chairman, President and CEO, Abaxis

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06.09.09: Consumer Genetics Show
Boston, MA

Philina Lee, PhD, Associate at Health Advances, will address the challenges of biomarker commercialization at the First Annual Consumer Genetics Show at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, June 9-11, 2009. This premier genetics show will gather companies and organizations involved in DTC genetic testing, genetic research, healthcare, and law to discuss issues facing the field: best practices, how to navigate the healthcare system, scientific and technological advances, legal and regulatory challenges, and more.
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04.22.09: BIOMEDevice Forum
Boston, MA

Kristin Pothier, Vice President and Susan Posner, Vice President participated in the BIOMEDevice Forum, New England's premier executive-level conference focusing on convergence and cross-sector collaborations among companies in the biotechnology, medical device, IVD, and pharmaceutical industries. This two-day event brought together key players involved in investing, partnering, licensing, and developing business opportunities in the rapidly growing market for innovative healthcare products.

Drug Delivery and Diagnostics
Kristin Pothier, Vice President, Health Advances (Moderator)
Kristin assembled and led senior executives from Allegro Diagnostics, Genzyme Corporation, Infinity Pharmaceuticals, SeraCare Life Sciences, and BG Medicine on a panel discussion of “Drug Delivery and Diagnostics,” exploring how different companies are harnessing the power of drug/diagnostic convergence to push both innovation in the space and corporate objectives forward.

Joining Kristin on the panel were:

  • Dan Rippy, President & CEO of Allegro Diagnostics
  • Joan Keutzer, Vice President, Scientific Affairs, Genzyme Corporation
  • John Evans, Director of Product Development, Infinity Pharmaceuticals
  • Michael Steele, Vice President- Business Development, SeraCare Life Sciences
  • Gregg Mayer, Vice President, Diagnostic Strategy, BG Medicine


Convergent Technologies Present Unique Regulatory and Clinical Challenges
Susan, along with David Fox of Hogan & Hartson LLP and Tom Hutchinson of Davol (CR Bard), led a discussion on the unique challenges posed by combination products and convergent technologies in the clinical pathway and regulatory processes. Susan offered her wide-ranging expertise in the device sector and discussed specific strategies that can be used along the regulatory and clinical paths to avoid pitfalls and maximize revenues. 

03.26.09: Is There a Business Model for Companion Diagnostics?

Kristin Pothier, Vice President, Health Advances, moderated “Is There a Business Model for Companion Diagnostics?” as part of Windhover’s groundbreaking webinar series, Pharma Business Strategies for Biomarkers. The webinar provided thought-provoking analysis of the evolving concept of how a biomarker may ultimately become linked to a diagnostic product opportunity — as a predictive test to select patients more likely to respond to a drug or class of drugs, or as a way to monitor a response to one. But diagnostics development costs are soaring with greater demands for validation from prospective clinical trials, and pharma companies have been reluctant to support these efforts. Where are diagnostics companies turning for support and funding? Which high-value opportunities can sustain a business? Is collaboration the answer, and if so, in what form?

Joining Kristin were Mickey Urdea, CEO of Tethys Bioscience; Rosanne Welcher, PhD, MBA General Manager & VP, R&D of The Dako Group; Iain Miller, Senior Director, Oncology Strategy and Theranostics, BioMérieux; and Peter Collins, Senior Vice President of Business Development, DxS
see webinar presentation (PDF: 318KB)

03.16.09: Health Advances Supports American Cancer Society Fundraising Event

Since its inception, Health Advances has devoted one day per quarter for our entire staff to participate in community service. For the fifth year in a row, employees of Health Advances contributed their time and talent to “Daffodil Days,” a major fundraising event for the American Cancer Society.

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02.26.09: Due Diligence – The Un-sung Hero in the Deal Process

Marie Schiller, Partner at Health Advances, shared her views on the deal process at a meeting of the Massachusetts Biotech Council (MBC) in Cambridge, MA. Marie was joined by panelists from the pharmaceutical industry to discuss due diligence in the transaction process, including buyer and seller perspectives and best practices. Marie’s expertise in guiding corporations through business and scientific analyses on product development, market positioning, and corporate strategy as well as her M&A experience complemented insights from these industry panelists: Janice Olson, VP of Program Management, Genzyme; Young T. Kwon, Director, New Ventures and Business Development, Biogen Idec; Philip T. Chase, VP of Legal, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; and Clare Fisher, Senior Director, Oncology Business Development, Genzyme Corporation.

10.30.08: Health Advances Community Service Day at The Greater Boston Food Bank

Over the years, Health Advances has returned many times to assist the Greater Boston Food Bank in their important mission of distributing donated food and grocery products to hunger relief agencies. Now, more than ever, hungry people depend on the local food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless and residential shelters, youth programs, senior centers, and day-care centers to which the Food Bank provides food. Health Advances employees loaded food boxes onto conveyer belts, inspected and sorted grocery products, and checked and labeled boxes for shipment to agencies. Health Advances is committed to supporting charitable organizations in the Boston area through its community service activities. Boston, MA

learn more about the Greater Boston Food Bank.

09.02.08: Health Advances Establishes Office in San Francisco

A core team of professionals from our office in Massachusetts established our San Francisco office in order to better serve our many clients on the West Coast. Like the Greater Boston area, the San Francisco Bay Area is a focal point for innovative biotech, medical device, and diagnostic companies. For over 16 years, Health Advances has been an integral part of the life sciences industry. We look forward to expanding our involvement in the vibrant biomedical community in California. Boston, MA

read the press release.

03.17.08: Health Advances Supports American Cancer Society Fundraising Event

Since its inception, Health Advances has devoted one day per quarter for our entire staff to participate in community service. For the fourth year in a row, employees of Health Advances contributed their time and talent to "Daffodil Days," a major fundraising event for the American Cancer Society.

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03.10.08: Health Advances Launches New Corporate Image

Health Advances is pleased to unveil a new corporate image package. This includes our new format for corporate communications, updated corporate website, and, most prominently, our new logo. Our new website provides more information for clients and recruits. Emphasizing fresh, practical perspectives and new ideas, our new image reflects the values we strive to deliver to our clients.

01.01.08: Kristin Pothier and Donna Hochberg Author Article for InVivo Magazine

Health Advances is pleased to announce the publication of the article "Biomarker Diagnostics: Place Your Bets Wisely" by Kristin Pothier, Vice President and Donna Hochberg, Associate in the January 2008 issue of In Vivo, a strategic business journal for the biopharma, med-tech, diagnostics and hospital supply industries. The abstract is as follows: Biomarker diagnostics are the linchpin of personalized medicine. But building a successful business around such tests is anything but straightforward, given the complexities associated with both their development and commercialization. Today's molecular diagnostic companies need to think carefully before they choose a "go it alone" strategy when developing a particular test. It may make more sense to forge a partnership with another diagnostic company or a drug developer with the goal of sharing costs and relative risks.

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10.03.07: Skip Irving Appointed to Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research Board of Directors

For several years, Skip has been advising the Michael J. Fox Foundation on its strategy for engaging both large and small companies in partnerships to develop novel Parkinson's therapeutics. In joining the Board, Skip will provide ongoing support for the further pursuit of this strategy. The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research is dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson's disease within the decade through an aggressively funded research agenda.

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