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PhD researchers, clinical pathologists, and diagnostics industry leaders operating at the intersection of science, technology, and business strategy.

Whether you manage a start-up with a novel marker, a traditional IVD company competing for market share, an established company with a new research platform, a pharmaceutical company struggling with companion diagnostic commercialization, or a clinical laboratory exploring expansion of testing services, the Health Advances Diagnostics and Life Science Tools team can help you realize your business’ potential.

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Pragmatic strategies based on deep industry insight.

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Donna Hochberg: “One of the biggest challenges to commercializing a new research or diagnostic technology is clearly identifying your true target customers. We’ve had a number of recent successes assisting our clients in creatively segmenting customers into easily identifiable and targetable groups, deploying sales reps to the most productive prospects and thereby enabling more effective launch.”

Mark Speers: “It is very fulfilling to be involved with clients periodically as they advance their technologies and see opportunities to refresh their competitive and customer intelligence. Over the course of several years, we assisted a client in the decision to invest in a nascent technology, develop the market to adopt the new technology, and prepare for an exit. The company was recently purchased by a large, established IVD player for several hundred million dollars.”

Gary Gustavsen: “A key focus area for the practice recently has been global commercialization of companion diagnostics. We recently completed a large project for a major biopharma that further validated the need for a globally-orchestrated, but locally-tailored strategy. The barriers to CDx adoption across markets are so unique; every country needs its own set of tactics.”

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“Health Advances approaches a problem like they’re part of your company and have a real stake in the game. We were a fledgling startup with a novel diagnostic capability and we needed to understand the markets where we could make a big difference in health care. Health Advances looked at the entire landscape of clinical diagnostics and directed us to a market that became a foundation for our company. We’ve now raised over $90 million and grown from 8 to 60 people.”

John McDonough
Chief Executive Officer
T2 Biosystems