What We Do

We help clients optimize value and improve patient access.

Market access must be explicitly incorporated throughout the product development cycle to ensure commercial success in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Health Advances helps clients navigate payer, purchaser, and other economic stakeholder decision-making that affect patient access, reimbursement, and price potential. We integrate these dynamics into the larger strategic imperatives for your product, portfolio, and/or company. We combine decades of experience in new technology commercialization in each segment of the healthcare industry – biopharma, medtech, diagnostics and life sciences tools, health IT and digital health, and services, with an unmatched understanding of international health systems to deliver realistic and efficient market access and pricing strategies.

Core competencies

  • Identify requirements, opportunities, risks, and price potential of early concepts

  • Assess global payer pathways, product value proposition, competitive landscape, and Willingness to Pay
  • Characterize the optimal pricing and reimbursement

  • Develop product value proposition and evidence generation plan
  • Conduct foundational, pre-launch burden of illness analyses

  • Outline critical steps, timelines, and milestones to optimize market access

  • Generate data to justify access versus competition
  • Target and communicate value story to payers

Capability Leaders

Julia A. Gaebler, PhD


Darcy Krzynowek

Vice President

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Recent News, Events and Publications

Biopharma Presentations and Publications

Zhou FF, Ward K, Gaebler JA. Costs of Mandating Blister Packaging for Solid-Dose Opioids in the US Retail Setting. Awarded Silver Ribbon. AMCP Nexus 2019, October 29–November 1, 2019. National Harbor, Maryland, United States.

Cockerill K, Gaebler JA. Findings from the First Five Years of the UK NICE HST Program. Accepted as a Podium Presentation. ISPOR Europe 2018, November 10-14, 2018. Barcelona, Spain.

Gillespie E, Campbell PR, Halcovich C, Gaebler JA. An Initial Analysis of the Cost-based Pricing Revisions in Japan. Accepted as a Poster. ISPOR Europe 2018, November 10-14, 2018. Barcelona, Spain.

Invited Moderator, Watson Health Value Based Purchasing Innovation Council, Virtual Roundtable on Regulatory and Policy Issues for Outcomes-Based Contracting, WebEx.

Invited Panelist, Network for Excellence in Health Innovation (NEHI), Innovative Financing for High-Cost Biopharmaceuticals Initiative, Washington, DC.

Invited Presenter, International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA), Heads of Associations Meeting, Geneva, Switzerland

Campbell P, Boylston M, Gaebler JA, Michas Z, Koo B, Funderburk A, Haninger K, Grainger D. A Comparative Review of Value Assessment Frameworks in Germany, France, England, Australia, and South Korea: An Industry Perspective. Poster. ISPOR 20th Annual European Congress, November 4-8, 2017. Glasgow, Scotland.

Featured Columnist, Integrating The Payer Perspective into Drug Development, Clinical Leader, July 2017

Sladeček S, Cockerill K, Hedge S, Funderburk A, Graeve C, Gaebler JA. Relationship between Orphan Disease Prevalence, Differential HTA Value Assessment, and Orphan Drug Pricing in Seven European Countries. Poster. ISPOR 19th Annual European Congress, October 29-November 2, 2016. Vienna, Austria.

Shoffstall AJ, Gaebler JA, Kreher N, Niecko T, Douglas D, Strong TV, Miller JL, Stafford D, Butler MG. The High Direct Medical Costs of Prader-Willi Syndrome: Significant Financial Burden of an Orphan Condition. J Pediatr 2016 Aug;175:137-43.

Medtech Presentations and Publications

Thomas F. O’Donnell, Jr., MD, Jessica Izhakoff (Health Advances), Julia A. Gaebler, PhD (Health Advances), Timothy Niecko, MS, Mark D. Iafrati, MD. Correlation of Disease Comorbidity with Prescribed Treatment Among Insured U.S. Lymphedema Patients. Journal of Vascular Surgery: Venous and Lymphatic Disorders. May 2020.

Invited Presenter, MedTech Entrepreneurs Bootcamp (hosted by MassMEDIC) Krzynowek, Darcy. Regulatory, Clinical Trials, and Reimbursement Strategy; the Good, the Bad, the Ugly. November 2019.

Invited Keynote Presenter, 14th Annual Medical Device Coverage & Reimbursement Conference, Chicago, IL. Bridging Data, Analytics and Insight to Develop a Medical Device Value Proposition. July 2018.

Invited Presenter, WSGR 26th Annual Medical Device Conference, San Francisco California. All Razor with No Blades, A Surge in Funding for Capital-Intensive Therapies. July 2018.

Cohen A, Gaebler JA, Izhakoff J, Gullett L, Niecko T, O’Donnell T. US Budget Impact of Increased Payer Adoption of the Flexitouch Advanced Pneumatic Compression Device in Lymphedema Patients with Advanced Chronic Venous Insufficiency and Multiple Infections. J Med Econ. 2018 Jul 5:1-8 [Epub ahead of print].

Invited Presenter, Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) East, New York. Trends in Medical Device Logistics. June 2018.

Lerman M, Gaebler JA, Hoy S, Izhakoff J, Gullett L, Niecko T, Karaca-Mandic P, O’Donnell T, Rockson SG. Health and Economic Benefits of Advanced Pneumatic Compression Devices in Patients with Phlebolymphedema. J Vasc Surg. 2018 J Vasc Surg. 2018 Jun 15 [Epub ahead of print].