Product launch is the initial critical component of product commercial achievement. The ultimate success of a product is often determined within the first year of launch. Each element of brand strategy and launch planning, including field team focus and resource allocation, must be deliberated and planned well in advance.

Many different decision makers can influence product adoption, particularly at market launch. Influential opinion leaders, prescribers, patient advocacy groups, and payers can be identified through innovative market segmentation. Triaging these key customers allows for the most efficient deployment of sales/marketing and medical affairs resources. Health Advances develops strategies and tactics tailored to products / clients unique needs in the market.

Some of the ways in which Health Advances incorporates its launch excellence expertise into a strategic context for clients include:
  • Uncover the highly influential evolving customer needs
  • Define the requirements to fulfill these specific needs with a strong value proposition
  • Ensure alignment between strategies and tactics, across key functional areas
  • Develop integrated launch plans and budgets
  • Outline field team allocation and optimization, including partnering / outsourcing
  • Craft payer-focused strategies
  • Develop multi-channel marketing programs, execute and measure

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Stakeholder influence mapping, experience journey, unmet needs and initial segmentation
  • Pricing, reimbursement, market access to establish value proposition
  • Regulatory and clinical path analysis

  • Must meet unmet needs and be updated during the
    pre-launch phase, as required

  • Assessing launch readiness of current structure and how it evolves over time based on business decisions

  • Key performance indicators
  • Tracking tools

  • Strategic imperatives
  • Critical success factors
  • Initial Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Final Go-to-Market strategy
  • Descriptive highlights of prioritized key tactics
  • Timelines/milestones and costs
  • Tool that is flexible and captures interdependencies

In addition to these capabilities, the Health Advances has developed the Launch Optimizer. This Excel-based planning tool integrates Health Advances launch expertise in an easy-to-access resource. The Health Advances Launch Optimizer is a powerful tool that can provide comprehensive support for launches by setting tangible milestones and timelines, as well as tracking the interdependencies between critical milestones and key activities.

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