The past few years have been marked by significant highs and lows in the musculoskeletal area. The expansion of biologics and combination drug/device products in orthopedics has resulted in a new billion dollar-plus segment. Innovation in the spine segment has continued and the extremities and sports surgery markets have experienced brisk growth. Conversely, DOJ actions have forced a radical change in the way orthopedic products companies interface with their clinical customers, the full implications of which are still unfolding. At the same time, we are seeing more and more orthopedic surgeons leaving private practice to join hospital staffs, which may put more negotiating leverage in the hands of the hospitals when dealing with the product companies and lessen the voice of the clinician in stating product preferences. Overseas, competitors from emerging markets are growing and seeking to compete with the major global players in order to capture their share of the rapidly growing markets in China and India, as well as other global markets.

In these times of great change and uncertainty, staying informed and ahead of the competition is critical to a company’s success. Health Advances has worked extensively throughout the musculoskeletal sector, conducting due diligence on acquisition targets, evaluating worldwide markets to identify growth opportunities, elucidating important clinical unmet needs to guide R&D, quantifying the comparative effectiveness of competitive products to create a compelling story for payers and clinicians alike, and ferreting out customer preferences and intentions that will impact product selection and use in the years ahead. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you address the toughest questions you face as a player in the musculoskeletal sector.

Some of the areas within the musculoskeletal area where we have conducted studies:
  • Spine – fusion, stabilization, vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, disc repair and replacement
  • Joint replacements – hips, knees and extremities
  • Sports surgery, including cartilage and other soft tissue repair and replacement
  • Trauma – internal and external fixation devices
  • Oral-maxillofacial devices
  • Bone growth factors
  • Bone cements, graft extenders, void fillers
  • Contract manufacturing – implant castings and forgings, instruments
  • Joint-related pain – diagnosis and treatment
  • Osteoporosis drugs
  • Osteoarthritis drugs

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